What should I know for the batteries?

It is difficult to estimate how long the batteries’ live will last when it is in the field.
Some of the main factors here are the number of taken pictures and videos, percentage of day and night shots, temperature and humidity. From an environmental point of view storage batteries are recommended to use, because they can be recharged and used many times.
The different hunting cameras using different type batteries. For example Wildview cams using C type batteries, LTL Acorn cams all modification using AA batteries etc.
Trail cameras operating with eight batteries AA, if they are alkaline they are sufficient for about 2 months use in favorable climate (where temperatures range from 2 to 45 degrees Celsius). The most important thing to say here is that there must be used no less than eight batteries with same amount of energy. If there are only four batteries or even eight but not of same kind or some of these eight have been used before, there is a great possibility of diminishing the required amount of power, which keeps the camera alive and alert.
The conclusion is that we strongly recommended the use of quality alkaline batteries or rechargeable ones (Only for non MMS cameras).