This section helps the first time buyers in the selection of trail cameras. Here are some of the most important features of the products that have to be taken into consideration in order to fulfil the customers’ needs.

How to choose hunting trail camera? This is probably most important question to decide. Here you can find answers of all your question regarding all hunting cameras we are offering. What you have to know about hunting cams to make the best choice for you? MMS or regular hunting trail camera? What you must know about MMS camera? What problems you can met using them?

Key features I should know when choosing a hunting cam

The detection circuit of a trail camera is what detects the animal by a combination of heat and motion. Detection circuits consist of: Trigger Time – the amount of time for which a camera takes a picture once the object has entered the detection zone Detection Zone – the area in front of the game camera which is “monitored” and it is composed of two factors – detection width and detection range. Detection width is the angle and it can vary from 10 to 90 degrees. Detection range is the furthest distance at which a scouting camera is able to detect motion. Recovery Time – is the amount of time a camera takes a photo, stores it to memory and rearms for another photo. There are different models and their recovery time ranges from 1 to 5 seconds, which allows using the camera not only on feeder station but everywhere and see everything passing by the... read more

Picture quality of trail game camera

Picture quality does not always depend on megapixel counts. It is a combination of different characteristics of the camera – lens, flash range which is the distance a camera’s flash is able to capture a discernible image at night. There are already models which make photos and videos with HD quality and the made shots worth... read more

What should I know for the batteries?

It is difficult to estimate how long the batteries’ live will last when it is in the field. Some of the main factors here are the number of taken pictures and videos, percentage of day and night shots, temperature and humidity. From an environmental point of view storage batteries are recommended to use, because they can be recharged and used many times. The different hunting cameras using different type batteries. For example Wildview cams using C type batteries, LTL Acorn cams all modification using AA batteries etc. Trail cameras operating with eight batteries AA, if they are alkaline they are sufficient for about 2 months use in favorable climate (where temperatures range from 2 to 45 degrees Celsius). The most important thing to say here is that there must be used no less than eight batteries with same amount of energy. If there are only four batteries or even eight but not of same kind or some of these eight have been used before, there is a great possibility of diminishing the required amount of power, which keeps the camera alive and alert. The conclusion is that we strongly recommended the use of quality alkaline batteries or rechargeable ones (Only for non MMS... read more

Camera security and Scent control

Camera security Most of the hunting cameras have camouflage colored body which makes them hard to find. However, if you need something to secure this small item from thieves, we can recommend you a locking case, which is made of metal, bind with chain and secured by padlock. If the camera has MMS function, it definitely will send you message revealing the face of the thief before he manages removing the item. Scent control Human scent spooks the game and can make it stay away from the camera area, even if a feeder is installed. When visiting the camera sight, you can use some kind of cover scent on your boots to cover your own scent. Be aware of what and where you are touching to minimize the spread of your... read more

Viewing pictures in the field

This is absolutely possible because all game cameras use memory card, which can be easily removed and the information can be downloaded on a computer or other device. When you download all pictures and videos, delete the contents so you are not putting a full card back in and soon get an indication “memory card full” which will deprive you from new shots. Re-aim the camera at the target and make sure it is turned on. Some hunting cameras are equipped with build in viewer so you can review all pictures in the LCD screen immediately on the... read more

Position of the camera

Always place your trail camera looking south or northwards otherwise the rising and setting sun will affect your pictures and some of them will be washed out. It is necessary to clean any vegetation about 10 meters in front of the camera unless they can activate it when have been moved by the wind. Place the trail camera above the eye-level of the animals and looking down on the desired area. When the flash is coming from above, it would not scare the game, they assume it similar to lightning. This applies to IR flash and regular one. Mount the camera on height of about 60-100 centimetres, if mounted lowed it will be activated by small animals like squirrels, if mounted higher it can miss those... read more