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Electronic feeder kit for vessels with bigger compatibilityElectronic feeder kit for vessels with bigger compatibility-1

Electronic feeder kit for bigger capacity barrels

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Product Description

This feeder kit is an upgraded version of the smaller one with a folding bucket, and it’s the perfect option for a forestries and reserves, where a constant care for the animals is needed. It is suitable for big game such as bucks and wild boars and birds as well. The positive feature of this feeder kit is that it can be fixed to feed at six times per day. The food throwing range is about 13 meters. The bigger the range, the more interesting becomes the place for animals and they remain there longer on the spot. The equipment includes the necessary bolts, nuts, disks and metal funnel. It has an option to put in a six-volt battery, or even a solar charger, which makes the kit more economical and ecologically green. A solar panel can also be installed to supply the feeder with power, it is sold separately.
Features of American Hunter RD-Pro – Pro Feeder Kit

  • LCD display for settings
  • Option to schedule 6 different feed times a day
  • Customize feed amounts with variable feed settings (1-20 seconds run time)
  • Metal spin plate and funnel protects against varmints
  • 360° and 13 meters feed pattern for widespread coverage
  • ABS plastic housing is durable and user friendly
  • All hardware is included that is needed to complete your feeder
  • Option to operate on one 6-volt battery(not included)

Additional Information

Weight 2.000 kg