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Infrared Hunting Game Digital Trail Camera LTL 5210-MC 12MP (MMS ready)

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Product Description

LTL Acorn 5210 – MC is one of the smallest hunting camera on the market. Its amazing small size (12 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm) gives you the opportunity to hide the trail camera wherever you want. No matter day or night you can take high-quality photos and videos with IR illumination without being noticed by wild animals or people. This game camera allows you to take day and night video clips up to 60 seconds. The photo trap is excellent security device for indoors and outdoors. You can use this hunting camera not only for hunting, but also as a security camera in your villas and other places you want to secure.
This Ltl 5210 – MC (12MP) is activated by heat or movement and the trigger time needed is under 1 s. When you use 2 GB sd cart in it, you can record about 1200 still pictures or about 120 video clips, each of them 60 seconds long. There is no need of laptop or any other device to watch the pictures, because it is equipped with build-in high-quality 2,4 inches TFT display with 16 million colours that allows you to watch the pictures and movies right on the field. However, if you want to see the captured pictures and movies on laptop the USB cable included in the package will help you to download them easily on your PC.The MC model has MMS build in software which support MMS function. MMS function can be used only if the buyer purchase MMS module (it is sold separately)

[toggle_content title=”click here to view the manufacturer warranty…”]Every Ltl 5210 – MC (12MP) game camera comes with 1 year manufacturer warranty[/toggle_content]

Delivery contents

  • Digital camera Ltl 5210 (5MP)
  • 8 batteries Duracell Procell alkaline
  • SD cart 2 GB
  • TV /AV / IN cable
  • USB cable Belt
  • User manual (English and German)

Additional Information

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