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Remote Trainer Collar Dogtra 620NCP

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Product Description

20 NCP Dogtra Training Collar gives you the opportunity to correct your dog’s behaviour. Many dogs do not follow the traditional training methods, therefore, thousands of dog owners start using professional trainers and Dogtra collars. These products support the training program for a dog, which needs taming. When the proper training is missing, the animal can become danger to itself and also to its owner, but when you use Dogtra collars such accidents can be prevented because you have all the tools you need to modify your dog’s behaviour.

How does that work?

620 NCP Dogtra Remote Trainer sends a combination of electrical impulses to your dog through a specially designed collar in order to train it. The advantage of the training collar is not its strength ( minimal adjustment is required to get the attention of the dog), but the immediate effect of the command. Depending on the way you use the transmitter the range of the collar may have a reach of 600 m. The effective command is the one executed immediately. Several times repeated, your dog will get used to it and will associate the electrical impulses from the Dogtra collar with your commands.
The range is approximately 600 meters. The transmitter is equipped with a large backlit LCD display showing the selected pulse intensity as well as the battery level. There is also an on-off switch indicator. The receiver is extremely small and light, built in a narrow collar with integrated enormously powerful antenna. The transmitter stimulation intensity can be adjusted up to 127 levels to ensure optimal individual settings for each dog. There are two control buttons – for single-pulse and durable stimulation. Transmitter and receiver are waterproof. Furthermore, this device offers the function of so-called pager, where the button on the front of the transmitter causes the collar to vibrate. The paging feature is an excellent additional tool for dog training.

  • Transmitter
  • Receiver (two collar receivers for dogtra two-dog models)
  • Battery charger and splitter cable
  • Owner’s manual
  • Easy-to-use, ergonomic transmitter
  • Rheostat dial that allows for gradual increases in stimulation intensity with no jumps between levels
  • Prices stimulation level (0-100)
  • The has a 600m range
  • ‘Nick’, ‘Constant’ and non-stimulating pager
  • Two-dog model allows the trainer to control two different dogs from one transmitter. Waterproof collar/receiver and handheld transmitter
  • Reduced receiver/collar is ideal for small/medium size dogs
  • No external antenna on the collar receiver
  • Rechargeable, user-replaceable Ni-MH batteries
  • One-charger system allows the transmitter and receiver(s) to be charged at the same time
  • Over 8000 different identity codes to prevent conflicts with other e-collars

Additional Information

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